The Gym-Membership for your Mind


hosted by Diego De Nicola

The Convivium is a monthly membership in practical philosophy. It's the gym-membership for your mind!
As a member, you will get each month:

  • 1x live webinar with a new topic each time
  • 1x group-coaching via Zoom (small group)
  • Replays of the last 3 events
  • Access to our private community (via Facebook)
  • Personal Mini-Coaching (question via portal)
  • Access to 1:1 Coaching plus 25% discount 

The gym-membership for your mind

"The Convivium" is an online membership in practical philosophy. We combine philosophy, self-reflection, the power of questions and the mastery of thoughts, to lead a wiser, more virtuous, and highly valuable life. As a member of the Convivium, Diego De Nicola will guide and teach you how to apply hands-on philosophy in your everyday life, to become a successful and fulfilled practical philosopher yourself.


The power of your mind has no limits... are you're willing to train it?
Join the gym-membership for your mind and break through your limitations!


This membership is built around live events every 2-3 weeks, your monthly mini-coaching directly with Diego, and a high-level exchange with a group of like-minded people. It's all online, so you can connect from anywhere. Join us live or get access to replays if you miss an event.

do not join if...

  • you're looking for a quick-fix or a one-size fits all recipe
  • you prefer to live in "blissful ignorance"
  • deep questions and philosophical conversations bore you
  • you want to keep everything exactly as it is!

this is for you if...

  • you're aware that mind-power needs regular training
  • you love to question, learn and grow
  • you value interaction, high-level exchange and co-creation
  • you are successful, but know you can "do more"
  • you're ready to challenge yourself and raise your standards!

included in your membership...


    The 75-min deep-dive, interactive webinar, with a new topic each month. Discover the secrets of high-performers and get hands-on strategies for fulfilled success! Sharpen your mind and outperform. Consistently!

  • NO-BOUNDARIES roundtable

    Get personal in this monthly full hour of live, honest, and open Q&A with Diego! Ask your very own questions… anything goes! Let's break down barriers and challenge accepted beliefs. If you want answers, dare to ask!


    Get the exclusive option to re-watch your missed live events, so you never miss a thing. The Convivium adapts to fit your schedule, wherever you are!


    High-level exchange is key to personal growth. Join our private group of like-minded, but different-thinking people. Challenge your ideas, or they stop growing. A single connection could completely revolutionize your life!

  • Mini-coaching

    (Convivium-Gold only)

    Every single month, connect directly with Diego through your portal! Ask your personal and private question on any subject you wish, and Diego will answer to you directly. Individuality is key.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    (Convivium-Gold only)

    As a Gold-Member you will have the opportunity to book individual coaching sessions with Diego. This is reserved exclusively to Gold-Members. Additionally, you get 25% off. Ready for the next level?

"Your body accepts the limits 
 imposed by your mind. 
 Only a powerful mind 
 can create a powerful reality." 

–Diego De Nicola

The Definition:

Convivium is derived from the latin root "con" (with) and the word "vivere" (to live). A convivium is a banquet, feast or symposium; a festive gathering of people, often with wine and deep philosophical discussions. We cannot digitally provide you the wine... but we guarantee inspiring, hands-on philosophical ideas, that will challenge and change the way YOU think and act!


Join the Convivium to get access

  • 08



    High-Performance Philosophy LIVE

    PERFECTIONISM: The deadly sin.

    - Definition: Why being perfect is deadly

    - Insecurity, fragility and the perfect hiding spot

    - The shield of perfection and the illusion of greatness

    - A hands-on guide to the new way: Imperfectionism

previous EVENTS

Available as a replay with your Convivium membership

  • 07



    ​​High-Performance Philosophy LIVE

    GOALS: Motivation or Limitation?

    - How to set "powerful goals"

    - The importance of "why"

    - Pleasure vs. Pain - and the problem of motivation and inspiration

    - Why we are inherently bad at goal-setting (and an attempt to fix that)

    - The dark side of goals: Your biggest limiting factor?

  • 08



    High-Performance Philosophy LIVE

    perfluence: ethical influence without resistance.

    - 6 keys to successful persuasion - no matter the situation!

    - The psychology of influence

    - "Per-fluence": how to convince people, without resistance

    - The influence-shield: how to protect yourself from unwanted influence

    - Motivation vs. manipulation

  • 02



    ​​High-Performance Philosophy LIVE

    Decoding your HABITS.

    - The habit loop

    - How to break habits or install new ones.

    - Marginal gains and the 1% rule

    - Temptation, Willpower and the Environment. Strategies to stay strong!

Your mind-fitness starts here...



Every month you'll get...


High-Performance Philosophy LIVE ($149)

No-Boundaries Roundtable ($99)

Event Replays ($90)

Access to our Inner Circle


Total value per month over $338

Now for only:

$44/per month

30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

No contract duration - cancel any time.



Every month you'll get...


High-Performance Philosophy LIVE ($149)

No-Boundaries Roundtable ($99)

Event Replays ($90)

Inner Circle


+ Monthly Mini-Coaching ($100)

+ 1:1 Coaching option and 25% off


Total value per month over $438

Now for only:

$88/per month

30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

No contract duration - cancel any time.


Money-Back Guarantee

With the Convivium, if you just show up and take action, massive results will follow - this is our promise!

But if for any reason you feel it's not worth your time and investment, simply e-mail us at and we'll provide a full unconditional refund.

What is practical philosophy?

The Question


Every great discovery, every revolution, every personal success and every milestone in our life, always started with a question. But unfortunately, under the illusion of certainty, our new methodology of choice has increasingly become one of shortcuts and quick fixes.


What we have lost along the way is the depth and power of the question. Did you know that the quality of our lives depends less on our answers and much more on our questions? That questioning is not just the basis for discovery and learning, but that it is also a key ingredient for happiness and fulfillment?



The Art of Thought Mastery


Our well-being and happiness are not products of our external circumstances, but rather the result of our inner thoughts! If we learn to tame our thoughts, and unleash them, we can take charge of every area in our life!


The Virtuous Life


To live a "virtuous life", means living a life of meaning, self-examination, experimentation and questioning. A life with depth, value and fulfillment for ourselves and others.


We need to start questioning again, and dare to go beyond the surface, beyond appearance and beyond our perceived boundaries. Being a Practical Philosopher is not an achievement that you reach, but rather a way of living that you embrace.




So, how often, how regularly and how deeply do you still "question"? Do you have the resources, the people and the setting to help you achieve mastery of your thoughts?


Join the Convivium and let's examine the life-changing questions around success, performance, mind-power, habits, leadership, emotions, personal excellence, fulfillment and much much more... together!

Who is diego?

Diego De Nicola is a high-performance philosopher, entrepreneur, coach und speaker. He speaks seven languages and studied Economics and Philosophy at Stanford and Arizona State University. Diego is also a dedicated family man and a father of three, as well as a driven endurance athlete, racing in ironman triathlon.


He started his entrepreneurial career right after graduation, founding - over the years - four different companies, as well as consulting and training many others, in a vast variety of fields. Besides reading, translating and expansively studying Philosophy for nearly two decades, Diego has also devoted extensive research to human psychology, peak performance, mental training and the human mind (including numerous self-experiments).


Diego also serves as a mentor to high-level managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, and as a coach for High-Performers and Artists, as well as Olympic and professional athletes in various disciplines.

The familiar and easy-going atmosphere at his events sets you right away in a good mood and the right disposition to learn something new. It is astounding every time over, how Diego can solve even the most complicated problems, through easy strategies and hands-on concepts.

Stefano Battiston

Head of Marketing, Maserati

Diego has an incredible personality. It's almost as if he puts a positive spell on you from the first moment on! His events are always dynamic, full of energy and very motivating. His stories and anecdotes are fascinating and always extremely touching! I can promise that he will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Christian Stadler

Decision Manager Europe, PepsiCo

I never met anyone with such determination. Diego's power and energy is truly impressive and I really admire his incredible versatility. Thanks to his strategies, you can really feel that success is much closer than what you think. I achieved goals that I could have never achieved on my own.

Michele Casanova

Global Business Dev. Manager, Roche

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